mustard…CATCH UP

hello internet

The most interesting work I’ve done so far in this class is learning how to create a GIF. I found it very interesting because my friends send me texts using GIF’s all the time. It is SOO ANNOYING when I cannot find a GIF to express what I feel or want to say. I’m pleased I can now do that. We have not done anything yet in this classed that I’ve disliked. I enjoy learning new things.

Things that I have experienced so far in my life inspires me to create work. I feel everybody’s experience in life can create beautiful work. This course is very different from my other classes. I am a journalism major, so every story is being told using pen and paper. In CT 101, I can use digital images to express what pen and paper cannot.

Honestly, I’m behind on a few posts. Looking at my progress check-in form, I noticed I was behind on posts, but only by a couple. Something I can easily catch up on (thumbs up). Missing a few posts has gave me the opportunity to reflect on many things that has been happening these past few weeks. I have TONS of things I will be sharing in the next few days on my website . 🙂

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