The following is a quote from Gardner Campbell’s essay – A Personal Cyberinfrastructure.

“To provide students the guidance they need to reach these goals, faculty and staff must be willing to lead by example — to demonstrate and discuss, as fellow learners, how they have created and connected their own personal cyberinfrastructures.”

I felt i could relate to this quote in the essay as i agree with the statement.  I often find that i learn more by someone showing me the task at least once and then letting me try it myself. Yes, I may fall on my face but it gives me a place to begin because  i have seen it done before.  Sometimes, especially  with technical information, it doesn’t explain the task in layman’s terms and i, admittedly, can  become confused before i begin.

In reading “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure” by Gardner Campbell, this quote stood out to me. I find it much easier to learn when a professor shows me how to do things. i have really understood more of how to set up this blog after watching the video.


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Pick me Pick me!

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