How to break up with a friend

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So I’m in the process of doing this ds101 assignment when this gnawing feeling is at the root of the person in this photo.

This person is someone I would like to consider my best friend but in reality over the last two years I have felt as she has sucked. Now  a little background would be nice. We have been friends since 10th grade and just never sepreated. Although I have had plenty of other friends in between and so has she, but we have always been there for each other. Well me so more than she has for me.

So it had upset me a great deal when it was her turn  to return back some emotional support which she was unable to do, due to the fact she didn’t want to think about. Now, gee I do not if I should think to myself, that this person cares so much about me that my pain is her pain which is why she could not cope with my pain… hmm. Interesting thought. However when I told her how I felt and resented her for it, she barley did anything to change. Which is why I am at the point within this six month period to essentially break up with her. Breaking up with a close friend is like breaking up with a boyfriend. And quite frankly, I was never good at that so I usually waited for them to piss me off to tell them off, making things pretty awkward afterwards. I wish there was a simply answer as what to do, but I can not living with this as if it is okay, we have simply grown apart and we just aren’t interested in the same things. I tried to slowly let us drift apart, but I am horrible at that, because if I love you, you will feel the love and if not, then I am just cold and it is obvious. It is not that I can’t forgive but the fact that she wasn’t there for me in my darkest time and did change anything substantially truly hurts and well call it high standards but these are the facts.

This should be her face when we friend breakup. (She doesn't know I am using this for the purpose of this blog)
This should be her face when we friend breakup.
(She doesn’t know I am using this for the purpose of this blog)








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