My Deniro-Esque creation

In class we were asked to make a portrait of some sort. I chose some of the pictures in class and some I got on my own. The people I had used were John Oliver (Comedian), Andy Warhol (Artist) Pablo Picasso (Artist),  and Stan Lee ( Comic Book Legend). The result I got was surprising at bestDisplaying Scan-141103-0001.jpg

For some reason it ended up looking like some form of Robert Dinero. Maybe that is a good thing but it certainly was not intentional.

All the people in this photo I look up to in some form or fashion. Whether it is for making me laugh as times are sometimes bleak. Or writing inspiring things and creating worlds of amazing fantasy the men who I made this picture of inspire me. And that is why I will cherish this artwork forever.


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By dannyblaxon

Journalism Major. Comic book Fan. Future WWE Champion. Nuff' said

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