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So far I word have to say my best work would have to be my first post. I say this because it was basically an introduction about me and what I love to do I also got a lot of great feed back and comments on my post. My worst work would probably be my last post where I couldn’t get my GIF to work on my post. When I first came to this class the professor was basically explaining to the class the grading system. I thought it was pretty cool and fair enough, it gives a lot of choices for you to get the assignments of your choice done and pass with a decent grade. I thought yeah this will be an easy A but I was wrong.



Because their is a lot of space to pick and choose from the assignments you want to do I havent really been taking this class as serious as I should. Well I believe I still have a chance of passing this class I haven’t lost all hope as of yet. I’ve just got backed up with my assignments and I haven’t been getting them done on time.

butbaeMy progress on a scale from 1-5 I believe that I’m stuck in the middle of 2 and three work wise. I want to be at 5 where I would have majority of my work done and completed on time. My motivation in this class to get what I need to get done is actually my classmates work and what they’ve managed to get done.

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