GIF the Portrait

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For this assignment I chose a tattoo artist from LA who’s known by the name of Tana. I chose him because his work motivates me. I think of the him as the male version of myself. Someday I would like to become a liscensed tattoo artist, move to LA and even have my own clothing. He also is involved a lot with fashion aside from being a tattoo artist. His work as a tattoo artist is pretty dope and pushes me to improve my drawings. The portrait to the left is an image of the artist himself that i started with as a base for this project. The portrait on the right is the finished product. I basically used different portraits of him and cut them up, repositioned them and put them back together to create a new image of Tana.

Here’s a Vine post that I created in the process. Here’s the link.

To continue about this project I also posted the image on Instagram and tagged tana so that my followers could know who was in the actual picture. I honestly didn’t think he would even notice it because you know how hectic social networking can be for famous people. And he didn’t only see my post but he also REPOSTED it! This was very exciting because I really look up to this guy.


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