(●ᴥ●) My Idol, Strength, the day Kirika was born ((ò□ó)


(°ロ°)☝ This is Itachi Uchiha, he is a fictional character whom I respect a lot. When I was going through a hard time and stumbled onto him in the anime that he is from, I fell in love with his character. Because of him I strived through many difficulties. When I felt sad and weak I always told myself, “what would Itachi do? What would he say to you right now?”. Though many called me obsessed with the character, I believe the creation of the character helped me grow as a person and made me stronger. Itachi Uchiha was always known to be a bad guy from the beginning when he made an appearance in the show but for some reason I did not beleive it, in the show I sort of knew that he in truth is a good character and I continued loving him. When the show progressed it revealed that he really is a good person who posed as a bad guy to protect his little brother and to prevent a war. When I heard that, “I knew it” echoed in my heart and mind. But I was young so I told many people who told me he was bad “I told you so”. More informantion in this following link here -> http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Itachi_Uchiha He was the start of the new me. I created the name Kirika and wanted my last name to be Uchiha, soon it became somewhat of an alias. I created many online accounts using Kirika Uchiha as my name. In the future I do want to change my name so for now many shall call me Kirika to get use to calling me that instead of my real name, once I get married I will change my name ((●ᴥ●)


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