“If there was a better road then it will find me”

Take A Step Back To Self-Relfect

Do what makes you feel uncomfortable, and begin to start feeling comfortable. And when you become static, move on to something yet again that makes you feel uncomfortable. I have been living my life in this way for a couple of years and I must say it has changed me a great deal. So when Aaron Swart’z theme song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjfTDDAstig) was all about this sensation it made me truly want to connect. It is important to take a step back and to look at what you are usually comfortable doing order to improve and to change. Life is about transforming. I find this to be important for Aaron Swartz as an activist because in order to speak out and develop ways of change you must first be able to become aware of the underlying problem. Why this is hard, is because most people do not like leaving what they know but as a programmer you need to be fearless of learning and improving. Becoming more aware you first become uncomfortable due to having to change and once you change and get adjusted the cycle starts again.

By brittg

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