Documentary Awareness

After watching the documentary titled The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz, I was immediately overcome with so many different emotions that I wasn’t quite sure which one to write aboutAARON SWARTZ INSPIRATION. I’m amazed at how much Aaron was able to accomplish within the short amount of time that he was alive, but I’m also upset and enraged that the government put so much stress on him that he decided to end his life before it had really began. Aaron Swartz is truly someone to look up to in terms of being an incredible creative and technical innovator. He brought so much awareness to the underbelly of politics with regard to the Internet and I believe he’s someone that young people can aspire to become like. He truly wanted to make the world a better place by bringing technology, information and people together. All he intended to do was spread information and make it available to any and everyone no matter their financial status. And it’s irritating to know that the government tries so hard to keep things from its citizens (the very citizens that keep the government running) and go so far as to punish people because they don’t trust us with certain information. One of the quotes from the documentary that really inspired me to make the above poster is: “So secrecy serves those who are already in power and we are living in an era of secrecy that coincides with an era where the government is doing also a lot of things that are probably illegal and unconstitutional. So those two things are not coincidences”. – David Sirota (columnist, Salon). The government itself is just so corrupt to the point where a lot of people have lost trust in the United States government and I think that’s so terrible to know because if the citizens of a country can’t rely on their own government when it comes to giving them access to things that should be public, then who are they to turn to in times of need and change?

By Katelyn Kemble

Creative and technical student studying at York College; steering towards majoring in Communications Technology.

CT101 Digital Storytelling