Person Portrait

202690_4631562272269_35613358_o     Having an inspiration is not easy and having someone to look up to is not easy either. My sister is one of my inspirations other than my mom, from little I always look up to my sister but she is my cousin because I am the only child. In Chinese culture, cousin automatically turn to sisters. Wendy, my sister is my inspiration because she is very down to earth and she is strong and have confidence that is what I admire the most about her. My sister is very loyal and protective of everyone, when I was little and got bully by others she would always stand up for me and give me important advice on life.

This portrait is important to me because this was taken when my nephew 2nd birthday, the radiant of happiness my sister gives when she smiles is what I believe is very beautiful. After she gave a new life to my nephew Tolby, her world became beautiful instantly and I love that about my sister. My sister gives me motivation to succeed and determination to do better, the most important is she makes me believe things will be better when you believe in yourself.

CT101 Digital Storytelling