Weekly Reflection 9

This class has been really interesting and out of most of the work I’ve done for this class I liked making digital projects. The most interesting work I’ve done in this class is finding or making reaction gifs. This was interesting for me because I was able to look for media that I liked and turn it into something that would describe how I was feeling during the assignment. One of the works that wasn’t so interesting was figuring out how to photo shop images. I still don’t really understand how to edit images or fix them up in a way where they will move in a funny way or change the coloring in the background. I think if I could make my own cartoon characters for a show that would inspire me to create, reflect and post on it. I like watching lots of cartoons and this would inspire me because anything can happen in cartoons like when they pull random objects from behind their backs or get superpowers in an instant. What makes this course a little difficult is keeping up with the new assignments that are posted every week. But this an easier course for me because you can do any of the assignments you like even if you don’t get all the points for it. I just try my best to get as much as I can done so that I can get enough points for the class.

CT101 Digital Storytelling