The improving page

So The first thing I went to do when I got my page was trying to find a theme that I liked. Once I had a theme that I like I started checking how it worked and how my posts would look on the page. I found that you can put a featured images on the post so before you click on the post to see it you can see an image that shows something about what the post might be about. On left side of my page it shows recent posts, comments, archives, and categories. I also started looking at my plugins and looked at which plugins i might need or which ones I might want to get. So the plugins that I am using right now are let me know when people comment and also controls the spam. I also did make a logo for my page which I really like it was the first time I had started using photoshop again. What I really want to work on is trying to find out what i want to post about and what other new ideas i might come up to work on my page.

CT101 Digital Storytelling