Midterm drama

Oh boy where do I begin.  I thought this class was going to be a good old time. Me working at home being a keyboard warrior and writing everything I wanted to.

But between my internet being cutoff, my laptop breaking, and me typing articles for my journalism classes I am freaking out! I mean holy cow if this wasn’t the hardest I ever have to work for class I didn’t know what is. I started this term with enthusiasm and hope but now that has quickly turned to worry. I haven’t been able to do any thing really amazing but the most amazing thing I have done was my first  gif  with Goku going Super Sayain.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t turn this around. This is a class I don’t want to fail. Not because I need not to fail it,  But I love this class and all the information I have learned because of it. The people I learn from are great and the teachers are great too. This inspires me to make more content for my site and reflect on it and post stuff.

So in any way possible I want to make my site the best it can be and finish out the semester strong.

By dannyblaxon

Journalism Major. Comic book Fan. Future WWE Champion. Nuff' said

CT101 Digital Storytelling