Making Strides….Hopefully

In this class so far the most interesting thing I have done is fix up the blog. The tutorials on how to decorate it and make it your own was a big help. It was very time consuming and took me two hours to decorate my blog using the theme plug in I installed. There was so much colors and photos to choose from and i wanted to make sure my blog was appealing to the eye. I don’t think there has been an uninteresting thing that has been done so far. Every assignment has been unique in their own way and I learned thing from them. Anything can inspire me to write a post and reflect on it as long as I do not feel restricted when it comes to expressing myself. The difficulty I have with this course is the fact that it requires you to be on a computer a lot. I am barely home enough to be on my computer to actually post as much blogs as I would like to. This course is easier than others because it is not as demanding like other classes. I don’t feel a sense of stress when it comes to this class.

Right now I feel like I am not doing really good in class. I would not say that I am spiraling into an abyss of failure, but i am not at where I feel I should be.


I am trying my best to post the mod that i can. It is not like I only have one post up. I have more than a few. Right not i don’t feel to confident at where i stand when it comes to class. I want to be able to feel like I am at a good place where it comes to my grades. My motivation to get where I need to be is getting a high grade. I tell myself that this class is not demanding or complicated so there should be no reason for me to be slacking. It feel like I am scolding myself, but it is pep talk.

By Blue Hair Bandit

Call me Tay Just an awkward girl with the curls

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