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Although the CDC is doing a lot in response to the Ebola Outbreak, it doesn’t seem to be helping. More and more people are being diagnosed with Ebola. First, it started with the patient in Texas, then it made its way to Georgia, and its now in NYC!  The latest is that they’re currently running tests on a 5 year old boy at Bellevue Hospital in New York to try and rule out Ebola. It’s really hard to feel safe no matter how much the CDC tries to ensure us that we are.

I worked on this reaction gif to express how I feel whenever I hear about everything that’s going on. It’s hard for me to stay calm, and i try my hardest not to “freak out” but this is the result…


This is me when I heard people in New York have Ebola.

This is me when I heard people in New York have Ebola.



All we can do is stay educated and understad how the disease is transmitted. What helps me feel better is that I learned it is only transmited through direct contact with bodily fluids. At least now I know I cannot contact the disease standing by people on the train. (0_o)

Just remember to take universal precautions, and I think we’ll be okay. But that still doesnt help with the fear.




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