I Finally Understand Squidward

Season 2 - Bubble buddy 007 (15)


Everyone knows squidward from spongebob. He is the character  who hates everyone because of their stupidity.  When  I was younger I would always wonder why squidward was always a grouch. While spongebob and his friends are playing and having fun , squidward is complaining about there lack of logical sense and maturity.  As I grow older I began to understand the logic of squidward. How does he encourage and inspire me? well…. Squidward taught me to stay patient and consistent even though I may despise what I may be doing. Even though  he hated going to work, he still found himself at the crusty crab. He also taught me to keep trying. There are many situations where people would tell squidward that he cant play but that never stopped him. He always kept on playing. Consistency is the key

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