Game plans are hard WR#2

I know this is late but my game plan for this semester is a bit fuzzy still at the moment. When looking through the syllabus I saw a few interesting things that I can do. The two that I have chosen are GIF’s and blogging Game Reviews. I’ve never made any GIF’s and now that I am in a class that allows making GIF’s is a good time. Being able to make a GIF and tutorial seems interesting, especially if others use my steps. I really like playing games and I have played a few. I’ve always thought about blogging about reviewing games. I’ve read enough game reviews from IGN, Game Informer, etc. that I have an idea how it works. I believe we are given choices because we will write about our interests and not just someone else. That can get very boring quick. The pace I will go by is still a bit questionable. For now once a week of posting assignments seem like a very good step to take and not overburden myself. After I get used to the flow and I go for more posts a week.  I have not considered that I may not get a full point. Nothing is ever perfect, I can just try to strive for the highest value.



I found this GIF on another wordpress blog named cookiesandwhiskey. I chose this GIF because this is the first time I’ve been given the decision to choose what kind of assignments to choose. It’s not only awesome but it’s a bit overwhelming.

CT101 Digital Storytelling