First Real Dive Into Photoshop

Katelyn Kemble_284 Project 1

So I am currently taking Motion Graphics 1 (FA 284) and my first assignment was to come up with an original character, create a background story for them, and then create a composite using Photoshop of an important event in that character’s life.

In this image that I created using about 20 different photos taken from the internet, I portrayed my character’s parents being abducted by other life forms.

This project was extremely fun to do because I literally had to think of everything myself and build upon my ideas in order to create one complex image.

This took me about 8+ hours to do in Photoshop, and as a person who is a complete newbie when it comes to using Photoshop, I am very proud of the outcome.

By Katelyn Kemble

Creative and technical student studying at York College; steering towards majoring in Communications Technology.

CT101 Digital Storytelling