Digital Storytelling #1




As you can see this is my first ever GIF. It is of a Warlock class from the new game Destiny. I haven’t felt such a joy for a new game since Mass effect came out a few years ago.

Making this GIF was a little simple then I imagined. To make both images move around I had to lasso the images at two sepaerate times. The first part that I did was the sign in the bottom right of the image. Since it was smaller I thought it would be easier if I did that one first. The second image as you can see was the larger. It took me a couple of tries to get the lasso to get the full image but it worked. Since i saved each movement I used the same images and just pasted the larger image in its place. One thing I learned while doing making this gif is that saving is very very fundemental. If you don’t save each frame the way you want it, you may see yourself doing it over and over if your not careful.

This was a fun exercise and I do not mind making many more like this.

CT101 Digital Storytelling