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OVERALL 7.5/10

(excuse my beginner rating score method. correct me if i’m wrong please. would be very greatful)



Even though the plot was bad the game play is good. The mix of the three classes, Titans, Hunters and Warlocks makes the experience worthwhile. This game is best played with your friends if you want to get the full experience. Each planet has at least 5  missions and 1-2 strikes. Possibly the best mission is on the Moon where you can actually pick up a sword and use it against the enemy. Sadly it vanishes after you finish the mission. The bounties they give you daily makes anyone including myself go back on everyday to see what they have. They also have daily, weekly and nightfall heroics. Each heroic gives you some rewards, ranging from lengendary engrams, weapons and armor. We can not forget about the Raids. It is a 6 man mission with no matchmaking. So you have to have 6 people you know or someone knows in your party. I still have yet to play the Vault of Glass which is the current Raid going on. I heard it takes a lot of time but there are checkpoints, so you can rest. In order to start from where you left off you have to use the same fireteam leader who started it.

Now on to the Crucible. It’s like every other first person shooter multiplayer. Since there is no chat proximity you can’t hear the people that are in your team. There are 4 different games. Control is a 6v6 domination, just capping three flags, Clash is a 6v6 team death match, Rumble is 6 player a free for all and skirmish is a 3v3 team death match. The last playlist for the crucible is only posted up when Bungie feels the need to add it and it is called Salvage. It is a 3v3 where you must control a relic and hold it until a new one pops up on the map.

There is a lot of to do in this game. Like I said before the best experiences is when you play with friends or even join a random stranger on there missions.

PLOT – 4/10

The game is centered around space. You can travel to the Earths moon, Venus, and even Mars. You can say it’s somewhat similar too Mass Effect in terms of space voyage. You are a guardian who has been dead for years and you are awakened by a “ghost”. A tiny mechanism of light created by the Travler. The Travler resembles that of a small moon that looks over a chunk of the Earth. The Travler’s enemy is called the “darkness”. It is what had taken up most of the Earth. Its inhabitants are mostly the Hive, Fallen and Cabal all soliders towards the darkness. Your job as a guardian is too push back the darkness.

That is as far as the story goes as far as I know. There is obviously more they decided not to give us much content on the first day. The plot isn’t much to be remembered since there was not much to begin with. The characters that you met were linear. The speaker does not give you much explanation besides he is the one that speaks for the Traveler. The Exo Hunter you meet does not have time to tell you anything and the two Awoken’s you meet on the Reef  are also not memoriale but annoying. To make things a bit more difficult they have a Grimore which gives you descriptions of the enemies, allies, class and weapons. This can’t be found in-game but on there website or in the application. I knew it was a first person shooter with MMO elements. Either way you would expect a better story.  Hopefully with there two DLC’s coming up they can put more story.

MUSIC – 9.5/10

When I usually start a new game I stay in the start up screen of the game. Usually most games would go off into a trailer if you do not press start, but for this game it stays in the intro. The music is amazing. The best kind for me is to be able to do other things while the music is playing in the background without even realizing I was playing in the first place. Supposedly Bungie has been known to have amazing music in there games. Since this is my first Bungie game and the first time listening to there music, they are right. From the fighting sequences to even just exploring the music has kept up with surprising me in sound. I’m not a n expert in identifying music so I can’t go so much indept on it. Sadly the gentlemen who made these pieces, Martin O’Donnell was no longer with Bungie. Hopefully more games under the Destiny title will have more great music.

GRAPHICS – 10/10

I do not know much about graphics so I will make this short and sweet.  I have no problem with the graphics. I have a good HD tv and the game looks good on it. I haven’t seen any problems with it so I’ll just leave it as that.

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