This class is truly amazing. So far i have enjoyed creating GIF reactions the most!!  I love creating GIF , because i can take any video, weather its from a movie, or music video , and cut it, loop it and turn it into a GIF. I love creating what i feel like is a piece of art work in a way. Setting up my webpage, and learning the ins/outs of wordpress is not that much fun, but it is truly needed in order to proceed with the class. So learning wordpress and how it truly functions, with the codes and everything has to be the hardest part of the class so far to me.  I want to post more how -to’s , and tutorials! for example when i was pregnant with my son i had no clue what to pack with me in my hospital bag, on youtube theirs thousands of videos of pregnant woman sharing , and showing you exactly what their bringing with them to the hospital. i found that to be so helpful! i loved seeing what products other moms were using. Another example would be also when it comes to applying make up, or how to save money. Neat tricks to getting around paying full price for things. Also  I would love to reflect on Pop culture as well, and my views on Media! the goods, and evil of media and propaganda! This course is very non-traditional , so its good because it allows full 100% creativity ! the hard part is sometimes you can hit creative brick walls. where you get stuck, and may not be able to come up with any ideas! In week one, i know my plan was to do lots of blogging, and comment as much as possible. I have commented , but i want to upload more personal blogs now. So i hope you are ready for what i have to say…. lol Stay Tuned!!


CT101 Digital Storytelling