maxresdefaultA person that is inspiring to me is famous rapper Sean Michael Anderson, who goes by stage name ‘Big Sean’. Aside from the fact that I like his lyrics and songs seem to always be trending, he is an inspiring figure to me because he is real and doesn’t pretend to be something he is not. In most of his interviews and songs he simply discusses the way in which he made his dreams a reality by seizing an opportunity presented to him. He makes it very clear that anyone can be whatever they want and that no objections can exist as long as your mind and soul are set on it. In a way, he instills a sense of hope for people who feel that their goals in life are unattainable. This particular image is important as it shows someone who appears to have it all already looking upwards almost as if to say he is still going to achieve more. The article found here: http://www.complex.com/music/2014/09/big-sean-interview-roc-nation-good-music
Literally tells us that Big Sean is becoming more prosperous and at the same time still giving to those in need, unlike other stars who become a bit greedy.


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