Anderson At 450 Points, Can She Go All The Wayyy?!?!

check point

Upon completing half of the Fall 2014 semester I am writing this blog post to give some feedback about my Computer Technology class (CT101). The most interesting work I have done so far has to be the digital story telling projects that I do based off of the DS106 assignment bank. I although the projects my professor and his colleague have designed for us to do have been fun sometimes, it kind of sucks when you are told exactly what to do and how to do it. It kind of hinders your ability to express your creativity to the fullest. The reflections have been the least interesting because I felt like they were kind of forced and not free flowing. What makes this course difficult is although it is an introductory class it is one of the most time consuming intro classes I can remember taking. The thing that makes it easy is that your grade is based on a point system; well at least I thought it would be the easiest. The only reason this has become a problem is because as a student we can’t be for certain how many points we actually have and there is no set “check point” times. I think I am in the 300/400 points range, I would like to get an A in this class but it’s seeming a little impossible being that it’s almost November and I still haven’t gotten word from my professor exactly where I am point wise. My motivation is definitely getting an A in the class, nothing else really matters; just want to do well.

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CT101 Digital Storytelling