Blog Progress

The most interesting work I have done so far is making the colors change and move in Photoshop that is the most interesting because I love how the colors are vibrant and could move making the image become alive. Creating more GIFS have inspire me to create work and reflect on it, learning about the copyrights and Ted Talk helped me a lot mostly of I can learn how  the computer work. Then if we have problems or stuck on how to post and create GIFS  professor Smith have a Youtube channel that will help us which helped a lot when the students are in trouble and can’t understand.

The difficult part of this course will be sometimes the professor goes too fast in describing the Photoshop process and some links are hard to find. The Youtube channel in professor Smith makes it easy for students to learn what they are doing and understand what to do. I believe I am in good progress and I want to learn more, my motivation will be seeing successful Gifs everywhere and want to make mine better too. I want to gain points and make work and share it, this combination will be beneficial to me because I want to make more GIFS and share it on my blog. Having my own blog is very exciting I can post my own opinions, I hope to have my own work to describe my own process and how I grown from the beginning.

CT101 Digital Storytelling