How are you handling it?!

Alright, well for one thing I love that no one is telling me what to do. This course does require me to do more work independently but I can dig it. At first I was a bit weary because I tend to miss deadlines sometimes so tell me to have this done by the end of the week and, you got it dude!

The most interesting work I have done was making a still picture in which i can manipulate the image. It is so difficult to do but the most fun I have had so far was in making gifs. Mostly because I have seen them online and have had ideas of what I could make, which I do not do often here, mostly because of the lack of program in my computer and every time I try to download something different I get attacked by malware. But once I make something, I really love watching it over and over again! I am my biggest fan :)

In class we had to do this progress form which was not fun because it was tedious to sit there and go back to all that we have done, but useful in what is being expected of me, which is always nice to know people these days still have expectations.  I think I am on my way to getting an A (which is what I strive for) but am I on my way to being a computer genius? No way in hell. However I do love to learn which is my motivation and I will share whatever little knowledge I do have but don’t copy me I don’t like that, but be inspired. That’s the point of creations!

Baby Steps
I’m like a baby, where I am just starting out in this world but I am trying to carry my weight.. Baby Steps

By brittg

Nature is the true mother of art

CT101 Digital Storytelling