“What’s One More Quote For Us?”

Teddy Bear Looking out of Window --- Image by © B.M.W./Corbis

For this week’s digital storytelling project I used the visual assignments section of the DS 106 assignment bank and found an assignment entitled “My Favorite Lyric”. For this assignment I had to take some lyrics from a song that made me “feel” something and make it visual. The song I decided to use was one of my favorite songs out right now by Drake entitled “0-100”. The lyrics I choose was “He aint show up, valuable lesson man I had to grow up”. In this song drake is referring to his father not showing up after he said he was coming to the house to get him. These lyrics make me feel something because I think everyone has been in a situation where someone said they would do something and you really counted on them but they didn’t do it and let you down. So I used this photo of this teddy bear sitting at the window looking sad for two reasons:

  • Because it shows the bear showing the disappointment one feels when they are let down
  • Because a teddy bear is usually associated with children and he has been left behind “man I had to grow up”

I was able to add text to this picture using the app Aviary. I love this app because it is easy to use and gets the job done in seconds. I think this assignment was a great idea, and I plan to use it to help inspire me for my event planning posts.

Here is 0-100 song by Drake, 2:08-2:14 is the part where the lyrics I mentioned are said.

CT101 Digital Storytelling