She’d Probably Have Two Pacs, Get It?… Tu Pac’s

This week’s digital storytelling project comes from DS 106 assignment bank. For this assignment I was asked to find a picture of a celebrity of my choice and find a quote about that celebrity that links the two together and makes sense. The quote I found is from a Biggie verse from the song Brooklyn’s Finest when he says “If Fay had twins she’d probably have two Pacs. Get it?… Tu Pac’s”. There was some notorious (no pun intended) “beef” between Tupac and Biggie at some point of time in their rap careers. In Tupac’s song Hit Em Up he makes a claim that he had a sexual encounter with Biggie’s wife, and in return was Biggie’s line in Brooklyn’s Finest. I think what Biggie was trying to make a joke to show that they he wasn’t affected by Tupac’s statement. This picture I choose is of Faith Evans and Tupac together. Although no one but them can be sure of what happened, the quote and picture goes together because this is the same picture that the tabloids used when these allegations first came to surface. Plus Faith Evans and Tupac look real cozy together in this picture.

Get it Tupac

Once again I was able to add text to this picture using the app Aviary. I love this app because it is easy to use and gets the job done in seconds. I think this assignment was a great idea, and I plan to use it to help inspire me for my event planning posts.

Here is the song Brooklyn Finest that featured Biggie, the lyrics I mention are from 3:13-3:18


CT101 Digital Storytelling