One man reenactment

That is me acting out this scene from my favorite movie, Batman: Under the Red Hood. I originally did it for extra points in another class but long story short that never came to be. However, I had the unedited audio laying around in my computer so I decided to finish the project up. The recording is a pretty low because I had the volume down on the recorder. I did Red Hood’s part in my normal speaking voice. Then I had to do Batman and Joker’s parts over again because the first time they weren’t that far from my speaking voice. I’m a bit unhappy the length of silence between statements and the changing tone of voice due to each sentence being recorded on its own. I’m also not a fan of my Batman voice but trying to replicate the voice Christian Bale gives him has given me a sore throat in the past and I wasn’t going to do that again. Overall I’m happy I did it and I kind of want to do it for other scenes. Also, I now know that scene by heart between recording it and editing it.

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