Italy, the Land of Good Food and Vibes

I have family in Calabria, Italy but I have never been! Everyone pretty much wants to visit Italy, it is definitely a tourist site however I would love to be enriched with the full on experience of Italy. I know I would stay with my cousin Aldo there who has a trucking company, so he would know where to eat and the must-see’s. Nice, I get to save on room and board :D.

Italy is most famous for their culture. Meaning food, art, way of life, wine. I have been pinning  a few places I would like to go see in Italy. I have to say that I enjoy art and MUST go see the Sistine Chapel in Rome and the statue of David up close and personal, along with so many other pieces that you hear so much about. Do I think I will ever really go? Yes I do, I believe if you want something you can have it!

I eat Italian food a lot because my mom cooks it and on the holidays when I go to family well let’s just say, Forget About IT! Tons and tons of food. But I would still want to try the food there of course. The fresh fruit, cheese makes me so excited and to mention Pinterest showed me the best places to eat and shop in Florence.  Thank you Pinterest! Also I don’t want to forget to mention that while I am there do not try to talk to me in full sentences because I will be intoxicated at the vineyards :) I guess that will make communication harder but it’s not like I can speak fluent Italian, so I’ll just be saying a grouping of words anyways. Ciao.

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