Wait, Who Said That?

The Wire S4

For this week’s assignment I decided to use the DS106 assignment bank again and do the assignment entitled “Triple Troll Wire Epigraphs”. For this assignment I had to take an epigraph (which is just the quote that shows up before the beginning of each episode), and purposely put the wrong name and picture behind the quote. However the catch is, it should all make sense why you choose the name and scene picture. I choose Season 4 episode 4’s epigraph “No one wins. One side just loses more slowly” which is a quote by Mr. Prezbo when asked by his wife about a football game he was watching. The reason I picked Prop Joe is because even though he thought he was really helping his cousin Cheese by giving him work, it was actually Cheese that set him up ultimately leading to his death. The reason I picked this scene with Michael killing Snoop is for the same reason, you would think that after Snoop and Chris showed Michael the ropes they would all be cool but it turns out Snoop was trying to kill Michael that night but he just beat her too it. This triple troll wire epigraph makes sense because it just goes to show you that one quote can have a large amount of different meanings. Although Prezbo was referring to football at the time, I believe all of The Wire epigraphs are meant to have an underlying meaning to them.

At first the description of the assignment was a little tricky to me, then I looked at some of the examples such as this one and it helped me to make sense of it all.

I edited this picture using the app called Aviary, and it’s a pretty simple.

Michael Kills Snoop

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