dreaming of my own domain

Growing up, schools were boring and we were barely on computers.  When we were on computers, we had limited freedom.  Students or faculty members having their own domain is an awesome idea.  A student would like to have their own domain or  “domain of one’s own” because it would be a million times easier for the student to express their thoughts, ideas, and responses to their professors and helps the student become efficient when creating an online identity.  This also helps students prosper and achieve greater goals with their identities online.  A professor would like to have their own domain because it makes monitoring the students progress in classes a walk in the park, which gives them more time to focus on helping the students becoming successful.  Then the big questions comes into play.  What would your domain name be and why would you choose that name?  This question popped in my head after I listed to the ‘domain of ones own’ track. Which I agree with greatly because all its doing is helping the student become better learners and the teacher be better teachers. So, if I really had to choose a domain name I would try for jay0n.com or kyrous.com.  I chose jay0n because its my poetry name and i chose kyrous because it means prestigious in greek and its the name of my production business, group, company, ect. I would like to start one day.  Also i feel like a domain could be for personal and business use or you could just have two different domains.  One for business use and the other for personal use

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