Turns out the Moms are Ebola Zombies

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*Here I write a poem dedicated to the technique called Tanka*

                         Turns out the Moms are Ebola Zombies

I was trying to go to #NYCC and dedicate my costume to Halloween

My boy told me it was located in Stark Vegas

And here I am dressed up as that guy from #My1DWWAFilm

Turns out I ended up at #BinderCon with moms

My SAT score was high so I fit in pretty well here

All until I realized Malala a female activist was standing there


I felt idiotic until I remembered who else was there

Malala’s ex husband  who I was for Halloween

I decided to play Mr. #stealyourgirl and told her to come here

I  asked  her if she remembered the motto in Stark Vegas

And told me to think of the moms

I told her remember what she did to me during #My1DWWAFilm


We call it the My 1 dirty woman word and Film #My1DWWAFilm

Yeah and we filmed ourselves there

I knew these things because of the moms

Poor Malala but at least it was Halloween

We left and went to the little chapel where we got married in Vegas

If she didn’t do me I told her I would leave her here


When I told her that I would leave her here

She told me it’s my turn to do what she did to me at #My1DWWAFilm

I told her I never did it in Vegas

On second thought dear why are we there

She meant to say I think I know what I wish to be for Halloween

One of the moms


I turned to her and said screw the moms

She could not believe with here ears what  I was saying here

Happy National Coming Out Day was on #Halloween

I told her baby let’s make it like #My1DWWAFilm

When there were tears in her eyes she said look there

I’m like baby I don’t care to look, everything is nuts in Vegas


#Malala turned to me and said it’s not about Vegas

You Must Die You haven’t cured #Ebola said the moms

She’s right THERE!

I told her to come here

The Mom turns and said we must die on Halloween

I got up very calmly and said I’m only the guy dressed up from #MY1DWWAFilm




By brittg

Nature is the true mother of art

CT101 Digital Storytelling