I am an aspiring t.v producer/ t.v writer/ screen play writer. I grew up on watching “The Cosby Show”. This show left such an imprint on the world. I want my work to one day do the same. Influence my generation & culture. This is a recent clip of Ms. Rashad expressing her views, With Oprah on what she felt the show did to America & what it portrayed to millions of viewers. I am very excited about taking this Ct -101 class. I love film & art. Still images can tell a million stories to me, better than moving pieces. I don’t know much about the digital story telling world, but I am eager to learn!!I am very good with Apps, and teaching my self how to use them. So I am a fast learner. I am good with lens & photography! I am also very good at communicating. I feel I have a good foundation to build upon & to expand. Looking forward to this semester.

CT101 Digital Storytelling