What is copyright?

Copyright is the legal right given to those who create an original work allowing them to do what they like with it. The main purpose there is such thing as a copyright is so that you can protect your work. When you copyright your work no one can say your work is theirs. Web users should always be thinking about copyright. As individuals we all have some sort of creativity in us and being aware about copyright you can protect all of your ideas. “Fair Use” is a copyright law fair that limits the use of copyrighted material without permission from the persons who work it is.

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Larry Lessig said, “Common sense a rare idea in the law.” as the audience laughed. This quote stood out to me because not everyone has common sense. And I’m assuming from  this quote the law simply overpasses common sense. They make things extra when most times its just common sense.


And Jesus will survive, above is a gif that I created from Larry Lessig’s talk Laws that choke creativity.

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