These laws are Unfair laws!

In Andy Baio’s case there are several quotes that I agree with:

“The act of borrowing ideas is integral to the creative process. There are games that came before Infiniminer, and there are games that will come after Minecraft. That’s how it works.” – Zach Barth.

“There’s nothing weird or unusual about this. This is how all art and culture is made, by taking the works that we love and building upon the ideas of those people that we admire. Nobody is immune here.”

I completely and totally agree with both of these quotes simply because they speak the truth. The things that people create and the ideas that they come up with are due to different inspirations. Which can or do come from other people’s work and ideas, that were likely inspired by other works and ideas and so on. It’s how things work in the world. We learn about new ideas and creations every day, from social media or television, which inspires us to be creative and imaginative enough to improve upon all of these different ideas or creations. I don’t think that we should be punished by the copyright laws because we’re just trying to share our ideas or creations with the world and I also think that this is a dangerous game that’s being played since not everyone in the world knows or understand the fair use laws.

From the two different Richard Prince articles or writings I chose a couple of quotes that I thought were important and I wanted to comment on:

“The Supreme Court only defines fair use as needing to “alter the original with ‘new expression, meaning, or message.’” Still, the appeal leaves it to the lower court to decide just how much an artist needs to affect an image in order to change it.”

I agree with this quote because if you’re not changing the meaning of or the way the meaning is expressed in a work of art or an idea that’s basically copying some one else’s work and calling it you’re and that’s plagiarism because you’re most likely not giving them any credit for the work. Which I don’t think is right to do especially if you’re profiting from the use of these ideas or art, and you’re not sharing it with the original creators. Even though I agree with this I don’t think that it should be up to who ever the judge is, to decide how much the original should be altered or affected in order for it to be changed because it’s that not entirely fair since everyone has different opinions. Which is what I think Prince is indicating in his writing when he says  “And, when it comes down to it, that’s a question of whether, and for whom, these are effective works of art.” because like I said before what looks and different to me might not seem so different to someone. Like when they say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” which is completely true.

I definitely don’t think that the copyright laws or fair use laws are working because instead of just protecting people’s arts and ideas all it’s doing is hurting and prosecuting people for their accidental misuse of a specific work of heart or and idea because they want to be creative. If I had the power to change anything  in the copyright laws I would make it harder for someone to be sued or maybe make it more detailed definition of what fair use is and what it means to infringe upon the fair use laws. I would also make some kind of clause that protects people who Accidentally misuse things, but they have to prove that they meant no harm in their use of this specific work or idea.

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