Oh Copyrights WR#7

Copyright is a law that protects an authors or artists original work from being used without there permission. There is a copyright law because too many artists work or authors works have been used without there consent while as the person who “stole” there work gets money off of it. Many users should think constantly about using others work and copyrighting. When it comes to re-sharing and redoing peoples work asking for their permission and crediting them is very important. Believe it or not there are even laws on the internet. No one wants there work to be used without consent while it is benefitting them. The fact that copyrights lasts for a long time is also a big deal. No matter what year you use an original content in the wrong way you can and will get sued.

“Technology has made them(kids) different… Can’t kill instinct technology has produce it you can only criminalize it.
We can’t stop our kids from using it, we can only drive it to the ground. We cannot make them passive you can only make them pirates.”
TEDtalks – Larry Lessig: Laws that choke creativity

I found this quote to be very true. These days the internet is mostly used these days not only for business but also for remixing or torrent work that has already been made but just changed. Everything that has been created on the internet can only be changed to an individuals liking. Hence why there is a copyright law. The biggest thing on the internet right now as shown in the TEDtalks video is remixing videos. It is mostly movies and tv shows that are usually remixed with sometimes music on top of it or there words is mixed together from different scenes. Creativity these days would be branded for not being “original” since a persons inspiration may be from one artist and remixed into there own. Most times the remix gets more famous then the original work which again brings to light why there is a copyright law.

Copyrights are needed for a reason. Since an individual cannot protect there work(which is being featured to every known social network on the internet) 24/7, the law is there to do it for them.

CT101 Digital Storytelling