My Team Sucks Sticker


In this design for this sticker I decided to make a sticker that is clever in design and pitches the joke “My team is heavy”. This phrase means that if your carrying a League of Legends and your team is heavy it mean that your the only one in the team that is doing great, but you team is doing bad so players would say ” My team is so $%#@ heavy”. I don’t blame players that say this, because playing  MOBA games are mostly stressful.

So in this sticker design I wanted to illustrate how our team is “heavy” by using a Anvil. By resting the weight of the anvil on the phrase “My Team” it symbolizes that how the weight or how the team is really bad not even the carry can win the game. The number I picked for 136 KG is = to 100 LBs and overall I submitted this sticker for the Giphy contest. here are some other screenshots of the sticker. I also submitted the sticker for a game called counter strike global offense .



CT101 Digital Storytelling