My Domain is my Brand!

My GIF as the Queen of Media Entertainment

I want to be known as the reigning queen of television production and, being a radio personality. Let my domain name [personal website] be the start of me branding my empire!

I think some students, and faculty have their own domain, because they probably have other jobs or companies elsewhere their involved in. It can also be for branding purposes if they are in the process of putting themselves out their for the world to get to know; or if they trying to sell products they can profit from having their own website (domain). Their can be multiple purposes for having a domain name (personal website). Maybe they just use it as a way to be creative, and to express themselves.

I want my domain name to be the foundation of me branding myself, and getting my identity together for the online world. Between television production and, the radio world. I am indulging myself in media. When it comes to my listening audience, I want to be known for having a little bit of knowledge on just about everything. I want to provide great interviews, and go from discussing the White House, to Beyonce, to the latest Broadway play. To be well rounded in every production is my goal. So I choose the name JAZZYSTARRMEDIA .net/com. It is my nickname and middle name, plus it puts me in association with everything media, and news.

The interview with Jim Groom ,basically says your identity will stay with you forever. So be smart as to how you represent your self. It will remain their long after you graduate.

CT101 Digital Storytelling