Laws of Copyright and Fair Use

I agree with Andy Baio based on what I’ve watched from the video. I do not think it should’ve gone that far based on the situation. I remember that time perfectly clear, the Harlem Shake was worldwide craze and everyone was making videos doing it, from home videos, to workplaces, park, and universities. It had an effect on pretty much the whole world. There were millions of recreations for that video so should someone be penalized because of it. It could’ve just been a coincidence and Andy was just trying to be more creative with his version so I don’t think it was intentional. There were many different versions of that video and you can probably find a lot of copyright flaws just because that person doesn’t know much about copyright laws.  I think Richards Prince’s case was the right decision, all over the world people use other pictures and switch some minor things up. I think with most cases like these are looked in too deep and a waste of time while other case are being over looked. If I made the rules I would change the copyright rule by enforcing the unintentional or intentional rule. So if someone copyright for money intentionally then they would be punish.

CT101 Digital Storytelling