Game Reviews

Hi everyone! This blog post is to explain why I am choosing game reviews to be one of the topics I chose to write about. I love playing games and I also thought about making them when I was younger. I’ve played a good amount of games growing up and I’ve read many blog posts on how people feel about a certain game it looks pretty simple. Only because reviews are based on personal opinion. I already have a list of games that I will happily review about from my own experiences. I’m quite the picky player. I only play games I know I will like. This may annoy people but trust me I’ve tried games and it just didn’t work out. I started out on playing nintendo handhelds and then as I got older I have the ps3 even until today. I would like to incorporate a few videos of me playing. So hopefully I can do this. I can not wait to get started on this series adventure.

CT101 Digital Storytelling