Today I did researched on about Andy Baio who was sued by creating a chipmunk tribute to Miles Davis “Kind of Blue”.  Baio said “the fact I settled is not an admission of guilt. My lawyers and I firmly believe that the pixel art is “fair use” least expensive option available”.  I disagree on this because Baio is fair use, he shouldn’t get sued the original copy and his own company has a major difference. Baio made some changes on the original and that shouldn’t lead to being sued.

As for artist Richard Prince he had a twist in his case, the first few court trials the jury sided with Patrick Cariou the photographer. Prince said ” he had no interest in the original meaning of the photographs he used.”  I agree with Prince because he only used imagery on the picture to make the picture in a light note making it not too serious. I believe the law around fair use is working in the first few years but now its been slowly not being that effective like it once was, as technology advances fair use has become a more vague topic. Technology allow the freedom for people and I believe fair use should be more specific.

CT101 Digital Storytelling