Do Tell Me…..

After reading about two artist dealing with copyright issues I am a bit perplexed. Both artist decided to revamp a photo, they both get lawsuits, but only one isn’t found guilty of copyright use.


This image is taken from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory movie. It is one of the most revamped images online to make a meme. I was inspired to make this poster because what exactly is fair use? In the article it stated “Everyone thinks they know what fair use is, but not even attorneys, judges, and juries can agree on a clear definition. The doctrine itself, first introduced in the 1976 Copyright Act, is frustratingly vague and continually being reinterpreted.”

If there is no clear definition  of “Fair Use” then why must people undergo a lawsuit and in some cases lose the case. Who is a judge, or an attorney to say whether something is considered fair use when there is NO clear definition!! That is what really grinds my gears. Last time I checked Judges, Juries, or Attorneys  do not have art degrees. Maybe a few do on the side, but you get where I am coming from. Having a vague unclear law is setting people up for unfair court cases. The artist Andy Baio had to end up settling out of court, while Richard Prince walked out a free man with no dent in his bank account.If the fair use concept is constantly being reinterpreted, can you imagine how many people this unclear law has negatively affected ?


By Blue Hair Bandit

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