Fair Game?….More Like “Unfair” Game

In the case of Andy Baio, he took an original image from Jay Maisel, and altered it and made it his own and got sued because of it. Andy states, “It breaks my heart that a project I did for fun, on the side, and out of pure love and dedication to the source material ended up costing me so much — emotionally and financially”. I agree with him here because I believe his picture was fair use and it is not fair to him that he had to go through all of this. In Richard Prince’s case, he discusses how the lower courts decide how the artists can alter pictures. Prince states “Still, the appeal leaves it to the lower court to decide just how much an artist needs to affect an image in order to change it.” I believe an artist should be able to take a picture, change it to their liking and be able to use it without the law interfering.

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