Copyright Hoopla

I understand the reasoning behind copyright. It is to protect the creative rights of the artist. They worked hard to create whatever it is that they did.  I feel like if someone uses another artist’s work then they should give them credit for it.

In the the article Baio stated “If you’re borrowing inspiration from any copyrighted material, even if it seems clear to you that your use is transformational, you’re in danger.” I agree because some people are very proud of what they created. Seeing it transformed into something else by another artist is a punch in the gut. They see it is as someone trying to take credit in a way off of their work.The worst feeling to an artist is seeing someone else get recognition or some sort of attention due to their work that has been morphed. 

In that article that dealt with Prince it stated that, ” The lower courts interpreted this to mean that, in order to make fair use of Cariou’s photographs, Prince must “comment on Cariou, on Cariou’s Photos, or on aspects of popular culture closely associated with Cariou or the Photos.” I do not really agree with that. I feel like as long as Cariou got some sort of photo credit, it should be fine.

After reading both articles I feel as if fair use is not working. Both artist were in the same situation. I feel like they both technically did the same thing but only one of them got off. I would change copyright law and fair use by where all you have to do is give credit to the original artist. If you give credit to where its due, you should not have any legal troubles.


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