Been There, Done That

For this digital story telling project I decided to use the DS106 assignment bank and do the assignment entitled “Been There”. For this assignment we were asked to take a moment from a movie that we could relate to and make a GIF out of it. Of course I picked one of my favorite movies, Juice. In this scene Q is showing Bishop, Raheem, and Steel the flyer for the DJ competition and Raheem seems to be rather uninterested in it. I can relate to Q in this scene because just like Q I can get really excited when I see things that can potentially help me become that much closer to my dreams and people get tired of me talking about how much my dreams mean the world to me.


By the way I used the same website I used last week to make GIFs, and this time was absolutely terrible. No matter how hard I tried to get the scene I wanted it refused to make the GIF. So out of default the site made the GIF you see above. I’ll give the site another try but if this happens again I will be finding a new way to make GIFs.

CT101 Digital Storytelling