Do You Want To Copyright Creativity?

Copyright issues have always been a problem for as long as I can remember.  I remember when VEVO the video hosting service got into trouble for piracy of an NFL game, Napster for constant piracy of music and so much more over the years. Copyright is permission for the right to use another person’s work. However, this seems to be an ongoing issue in the age of the digital storytelling.

In the YouTube video ( Laws That Choke Creativity by Law Lessig is fascinating in the way that he puts out that this generation’s voice comes from the internet.  It’s a “relationship to themselves”. It is considered a tool of speech which I find that aspect to be true. It is comforting to know or read online of others who don’t make us feel that we are the only ones going through a stage/moment/emotion. Although I do not find this to be a good thing because of the decrease of actual  communication with live people you can have face to face contact with versus living virtually. It is a good way to escape or to even to repair yourself but that should all come from within. The internet is of better convenience to spread contact and knowledge easier and faster; should be looked at with encouragement.

Lessig explains how artists should embrace their work so it could “teach one of the lessons to the others”. I fully agree because it seems like we are in the modern mannerism era where we imitate the works of true professionals and yet somehow make it into our own to give new meaning to something old, is also a gift. What you take from it should be allowed but the question is will our work be copyrighted as well?

Copyright was put to protect the artistic ideas of others if not than it would be a whole bunch of stealing. Should we extend it to others is another issue but not one that could be easily tackled due to the high volume of internet users.  So No, I do not think the law chokes creativity. Creativity is not stifled if its true to you. Meaning if it is true creativity than you can make do with what you have. I believe we already have a leniency where there is fair use; meaning copyright material may be used for criticism, news, research, teaching without the need to ask for permission, or payment. I do not feel that videos using copyright material should be taken down if there is no means for commercial use. I think remixes, gifs, memes should not be a problem because of the fact it creates the online communication of emotions and similar circumstances. I do not think that there should be much thought to what you use for creativity as long as you don’t prepare to use it for profit.

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