Copyright & Modern Day Art

Copyright is a United States law that enables a creator of any type of original project the rights of use and distribution. Copyright is used in to credit the original creator of a work and is there in case someone uses another person’s work as their own or to make money from it for example, a photographer pictures, an author’s book, or a journalist article. Copyright is a strict law in the U.S and users should be more aware of it because there are some unintentional accusations of copyright only because sometimes the person isn’t aware. Fair use is a limited use or exception of a person’s work without confirmation from original creator. I watched Lessig’s TED talk and I agree with the video. I specifically agree with what he said about the talking machine. “The vocal chords will be eliminated by the process of evolution as was the tale of man when he came from the ape.” Technology usually ruins art because it isn’t physically being made. Another quote that interested me was “Culture where creativity was consumed but the consumer is not a creator.” I believe that the art culture is being recycled. No more original art, just a lot of reused creation that’s being called art. Modern day art is now technological. I haven’t heard about any modern day artist artwork being talked about lately.

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