Themes WR #5

The theme that I’ve chosen is called Coeur. I chose this theme because it was simple and bright. I enjoy looking at bright sites with just the right amount of color. I like the columns and the flow of the page.

There was just minor changes to parts of the theme. The color and the layout was perfect for me, the only thing I changed was the text font. The default was not that nice. The size was too big and the letters were just too bulky for my tastes. So, I decided to change the font to Times New Roman. I kept the colors the same since I like the greenish color. I also edited the menu bar. I wanted to make it easier for my peers or anyone passing by to easily reach my posts. I didn’t place any plugins since there wasn’t any plugins that I wanted to place on my site. I do have an about page which I implemented on my menu bar. I decided to give a short bio of my school education and why I chose the major I have today. Having an about page help people understand who you are and where you are coming from and trying to get to. Without having an about page people will be lost wondering who they are following.


CT101 Digital Storytelling