The Powerful Tool

The question is what is copyright? Copyright is the exclusive right of making copies of things, such as music, movies, books. Once the license is granted the author or artist is protected  for a lifetime and even after their death 50years after that. There are copyright in order to protect an individual original piece of work. Users should really pay attention to the copyright while they share and remix content of the web because it could really be a serious crime committed, a person could actually have a lawsuit against them for copyright infringement. Fair use of copyrights are searching if the copyright symbol is there or citing the work when used. “Can’t stop our kids from using it, can only drive it underground,”  this quote from Larry Lessig’s TEDTalk is true, we can’t really stop our kids from using the internet but just limit what they are able to access. Technology is such a powerful tool to the point it is becoming dangerous, everything can be found there, it is no wonder kids are learning things they shouldn’t know yet, the internet provide all those information.

CT101 Digital Storytelling