Hey I Got My Site Up And Running!

I got my site up and running on WordPress and I was very excited about creating a domain and having it as my own. At first I was very confused and unsure of how to go about starting my new site. However, I watched the tutorial that Ryan and Michael give on YouTube, which was mostly helpful, but I was still unclear about a few of the steps. Nonetheless, one of my classmates guided me through setting up my site. This was a very simple process and my classmate who is a CT major made the tutorial like a total walk through.

I chose to go with “Rosannasingh19” as my domain because I tend to associate my name whenever I create something and I was very comfortable with my domain. Also, I was pleased to find that the domain of my choice was available at the first attempt. The installation process was quite interesting and thought-provoking as well, since I initiated then and there that there is so much that I can create and have now that I have a domain of my own.

Now that I have a domain, I can do a lot to personalize my site. For instance I am majoring in Journalism and it is something that I enjoy doing, and there is so much that I can use about my profession and myself on my site. I have not exactly put together the precise details which I want to use for my site but I am still putting together my ideas. I decided to have Rosannasingh19 as my domain since it is my name, which was given to me by my father. It is sentimental to him and me as well, so I figured that I would want to have it as my domain and do something creative with it. I am looking forward in doing a lot of mind breaking thing with my domain, while I plan it out.

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